Blah blah Cherry Pie, blah blah socks

Igor climbed down from his perch atop my stereo to see what’s taking so bloody long with this blanket.  As everyone who has ever knit a blanket – baby or otherwise – can attest, once you  hit a certain point, things slow down dramatically.  I think I just finished the eighth of 11 repeats, then I have the edging to go.  I’ll planning on finishing the main part of the blanket by this weekend, then I can get cracking on the edging during Fall Season premiere week next week.  Though Lost isn’t coming back til 2008, I’ll have plenty to keep me busy between the returns of  How I Met Your Mother (Kenyon alum!), Heroes, Grey’s, CSI and checking out Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money and Pushing2007_0918test0177 Daisies.

The #2 sock and I trekked to the square for lunch yesterday so I could enjoy the nearly-fall weather and knock out a couple of stitches.  I ended up doing two crazy samurai sudokus instead (I’m completely addicted) but I did manage to dig the sock out so it could bask in the midday sun as well.

In sporting news, Chimmie came in 6th on Sunday, disappointing the guys by not picking up the top-5 finish they were aiming for.  At least it was Bowyer who picked up his first series win.  Now Chimmie and the 24 are tied for first heading into Dover.   The Buckeyes beat Washington (sorry Christopher!) and start their Big Ten season this weekend at home v. Northwestern.  Trying to follow the Buckeyes in ACC country is virtually impossible (even in bars, where PSU and UM alums are in such preponderance), but I’ll definitely catch a game or two this season.

OH!  Look what I did during lunch!  Voila!


2 thoughts on “Blah blah Cherry Pie, blah blah socks

  1. Yvonne says:

    Tell Igor to cough up Bubby!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Notes from the Baby Blanket Blackhole: So, you still think you can escape?

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