No, not work.  PFF, crazy talk!  My boss isn’t back from California for 3 more days (which means I’ll blow through a stack of work in the next 48 hours).

Last weekend,  E and I went on a return trip to Mt. Vernon to get our photos taken for our annual passes.  Let’s just say, my driver’s license picture is better.  The reason for this particular return trip was to check out the "Godspeed", a replica ship commissioned for the anniversary of the Jamestown settlement.  It was up in Mt. Vernon for a couple of days so we went to check it out.  Unfortunately it wasn’t under full sail or anything (obviously) so the pictures aren’t terribly exciting.  We cruised the flower and vegetable gardens as well, but it was a little warm (and SOME people wore denim) so we didn’t hang out too terribly long. 

Sunday was all-sports, all the time.  I slept til, um, nearly noon, got up and watched that debacle of a
, a Tivo’d United game, and the Bears…oh, the Bears (bye Rex; it’s been real).  I actually got quite a bit of knitting done during my NASCAR-ing.  The main part of Cherry Pie is now done; now I just have to put the border on it (which, of course, will take two weeks).  The first of Mama’s Fugly Slipper socks is done (toe-kitchener notwithstanding), and I cast on Maia’s mystery Scherherazade’s Slippers with some Cherry Tree I had languishing in my stash (thanks, Steph!).

2007_0926test0020_3 2007_0926test0019_3


One thought on “Productivity

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I wore denim, however, you know v. well that my apt’s on the hellmouth & it’s always 20 degrees colder in my apt than outside! 😉

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