My Friends Aren’t Well


Once a year, on a Saturday in October, 500 of my closest friends and I like to get dolled up in red dresses and roam the  streets of DC, freaking out tourists and natives alike.  This was just that weekend.

It’s not as crazy as it sounds.  Okay, maybe it is.  A little beer, a little running, a little more beer, a little singing silly songs – it makes for an interesting weekend.  And more than a little fear of hangovers, but I managed to stay well hydrated.

I did manage to get a little knitting done on a new sock.  I cast on for the Conwy sock and got about 6" done.  It doesn’t photograph very well in the dark yarn though; I’ll try to take a better pic tomorrow.

My friend Caroline had her twins yesterday via emergency c-section.  Baby A is doing well, but Baby B could use any well wishes you send winging her way.  She was transferred to the Georgetown NICU earlier today; we’re hoping for the best.


3 thoughts on “My Friends Aren’t Well

  1. Holly says:

    Well, no, we’re not well at all. 🙂 It was hella fun though!

  2. meg says:

    Looks like fun and sorry to hear about the baby. Wishing the best!

  3. mai says:

    what is this for? i’ve never heard about it!

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