In my rental car, I’d gone to Carolina…

Well, I’m actually back, and unlike Lolly, my weekend in the Tar Heel State was not spent with family, taking beautiful pictures of nature and enjoying a relaxing time (although I will cop to singing along with the radio on the drive down).

My BigSis was kind enough to get tickets for Lowe’s Motor Speedway, but at the last minute, she and her friends ended up canceling.   I couldn’t imagine not going to see my boys, so I rented a car (and promptly left 3 of my CDs in the glove compartment) and drove down to Concord Friday afternoon.  2007_1016test0040

As usual, I didn’t pad a lot of time in to my trip but I did manage to squeeze a detour to Richmond into my schedule and spent a half hour petting the offerings at The Yarn Lounge.   If I was a local, I could definitely see wiling away the hours at the large table in the front room or curled up in an arm chair in the back.   There was even a shy resident yarn pooch but I didn’t catch his name.  There was a teensy, weensy incident involving my credit
card and some yarn, but all-in-all, I 2007_1016test0149escaped relatively unscathed.

The race was…a race.  Chimmie had a great car that could go high or low on the track and did really well fighting their way through traffic, but a spin out of turn 2 and a little air bubble in the fuel line on the second-to-last restart led to a 14th place finish, instead of the top-5 they were headed for.  I think the Chase is pretty much Gordon’s to lose, but stranger things have happened.  We won Martinsville in the spring; if we’re lucky, we can sweep and carry the momentum from there.  Only time will tell.

Schlepping to NC did cause me to miss a home DC United game though, which is rare.  A tie against Chicago and a loss by Chivas gave United their second consecutive Supporters’ Shield, and I couldn’t be happier for them.  Regular season ends Saturday at home v. Columbus, then on to the playoffs next week!

Sock Wars update tomorrow…


3 thoughts on “In my rental car, I’d gone to Carolina…

  1. Jenn says:

    We just got back from North Carolina, too, but not from the race. Maybe we passed each other on the highway!

  2. Rossana says:

    I’m a big fan of the Yarn Lounge and try to stop in every time I’m in Richmond. Homer is the shy but sweet pooch there. Glad you made the detour!

  3. ann says:

    Tag! You’re it! (see my blog for details.)
    Will miss you this weekend, btw — I totally admire your diligence.

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