Cleanliness is next to…

…impossible.  I’m sure I’ve used that as a post title before, but any sense of organization and order continues to elude me.
Today’s tip from SELF is: Follow the 20-minute rule.  Basically, set a timer for 20 minutes and clean til
the timer goes off.  Apparently, this is supposed to be better than letting everything pile up and ending up feeling overwhelmed by everything you  have to do.  Of course, I think that theory only applies when you’re talking about "straightening up" rather than doing a full overhaul, but I’ll play their little game.  The plan for tonight is to attack the sofa.  You may wonder how in the world it could take someone 20 minutes to clean off a couch, but clearly you don’t know me very well.

Somewhere under there is a sofa.    Below the laundry basket, the "camping pillow", Brutus & Mac (poor yet beloved stuffed bears), my Denise needle set, a slew of dirty laundry, a radio, a dishtowel and a duffel bag, I promise, there is a dark green couch.  This is the "before" picture.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the "after" shot.

Wow, that’s embarrassing.

I wanted to thank everyone for their sympathetic comments on yesterday’s R.I.P. Elliott post.  Igor proclaims his innocence and I’m afraid I can’t throw him under the bus on this one.  I think I just tugged it on at a weak spot and the yarn gave way.  I’m especially bitter because, as I pulled them on yesterday morning, I was basking in the glow of my pretty socks and thinking what a great job I did.  Thanks irony, appreciate it.  Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, okay?Fans_2

In other devastating news, as expected, my beloved DC United won’t be advancing to the next round of playoffs in MLS action.  There are two positives to come out of this: 1) they scored 2 goals in last night’s game Chicago, the first goals scored by DCU v. Fire in the playoffs ever and 2) I don’t have to worry about bolting from MLS Cup ’07 to get home in time for the race at Miami-Homestead.  Oh, I’m still going to the Cup – I’ve been to the majority of championship games, regardless of whether DCU is in them or not – but the second the final whistle is blown, I’m outta there.

Yes, technically it’s Photo Friday, but I haven’t taken any exciting photos this week, so next week will have to be the premiere.  Maybe I’ll be able to snap some good ones tomorrow at the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertainment Show.  E & I went last year and had a blast.  Sadly, the Boys won’t be back, but their Mama will be in attendance.  We decided that her $30 reserved-seat fee was a little steep for us, so no Deen family this year.  Personally, I’ll be on the lookout for the chocolate covered peanut brittle again.  Mmm.

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