Reverse Psychology

That’s the tip for today.  To clear your closet of unworn items, turn all of your hangers in one direction.  As you rehang clothes you’ve worn, switch the hangers.  That way, in a month, you’ll know what you actually wear and what you don’t.  I suppose I could give it a go, but I probably Img_0111won’t have the time to knock it out until tomorrow.  My closet is miniscule – it’s not actually in my room – so everything is sort of crammed in there.  Hopefully I’ll have some time before the race. 

I did manage to knock out my 20 minutes of cleaning yesterday and today.  The sofa is mostly all clear, with the exception of a laundry basket of stuff that isn’t laundry that I need to find a home for.  Obviously, the crap in front of the sofa is next to go; I’ll aim for that tomorrow.

This morning E & I went to the 2nd annual Metropolitan Cooking and Entertainment Show at the Img_0104 Convention Center.  The high point was definitely the presentation by the duo from Restaurant Eve/Eamonn’s/The Majestic.   Chef Armstrong and Mixologist Todd were extremely fun to watch together, the turkey and stuffing they made for the demonstraton (or before the demonstration actually) were delish and I can’t wait for E to try Todd’s recipe for an "Ocean Spray" cocktail.  Apparently they also do something called "Nana’s Sunday Dinner" at the Majestic that we’ve gotta try someday.  It’s a fixed menu, family style dinner that looks delish.  Check out the November and December menus here (pdf).

Well, I’d better hit post because it’s 8 minutes ’til midnight.  Under the wire…


One thought on “Reverse Psychology

  1. Stick says:

    OMG! THE SOFA!!! WOW!!!!!!!!

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