Easy Like Sunday Morning

Img_0116Daylight Savings Time (or the end of it at any rate) bit me in the butt and caused me to roll out of bed around 9ish this morning.  While my first instinct was to pull the blankets over my head and try to drop for another couple of hours, I decided to go check out Murky Coffee.  This big guy was peering at me from a tree in the neighborhood as I stumbled to the coffee shop and I couldn’t resist snapping a quick picture. 

At first I was disappointed because the main room was packed, but I found the side room around the corner and spent a great couple of hours curled up on a beat up, torn leather couch, catching up on my magazine reading and I cast onImg_0122  for my mama’s socks.  I should have worked on closing the toe of my second Conwy sock, but I figured it would be easier to work on the larger needle and thicker yarn.  I was right.  I won’t do any more work on it until after I finish Conwy’s toe, but it’s such a quick knit; I can’t wait to focus on it.

Can one really fall off a wagon if it’s only been 4 days?  The couch and bed are once again under a layer of stuff.  I think as I go to clean or straighten, a lot of the time I move stuff to those two surfaces because they’re, well, off the floor.  I’ll work on it tomorrow in addition to today’s tip, which was basically to have a tray or basket to hold all of those things that you look for on a regular basis: keys, library books, cell phone chargers, etc.  I certainly have enough baskets and containers laying around.  I’ll look for a serviceable one tomorrow.


One thought on “Easy Like Sunday Morning

  1. Mia says:

    Funny, but I stayed under the covers until almost 9 Sunday too. These time changes are a pain. Would you like to help me figure out how to add my piles onto your piles? At least yours are off the floor.

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