See, I CAN finish a project if I want to

I have to stop blogging at the 11th hour (or rather, the 23rd hour).  Up early to get blood drawn for a physical.  Everything should come back hunky-dory but we’ll wait and see what the good doctor says.  She’s not concerned about the fact that I’m obviously losing my mind; she feels an improved diet with more vegetables should take care of my frightening memory lapses.  Um.  Okay.Conwy

I did manage to finish my 2nd Conwy sock while waiting to see the doc so at least my afternoon wasn’t  completely wasted. 

Pattern: Conwy Socks by Nancy Bush (from Knitting on the Road)
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Superwash Merino in Moody Blues
Needles: 32" Addi Turbo, size 0
Cast on: October 2007
Done: November 5, 2007
Modifications: only knit a 6.75" leg, rather than 8"
Comments: I love these socks.  Love love love

I’m too tired to go into how much I haven’t been making my bed or re-cleaning the couch or flipping my hangers right now.  I’ll review my slackardly ways tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “See, I CAN finish a project if I want to

  1. Yvonne says:

    Hope the test is okay!!

  2. ann says:

    Pretty socks!
    I’m enjoying living vicariously through your organizational adventures. Maybe one of these days I’ll be motivated to clean….

  3. Holly says:

    Oooh, so pretty!! Yay for finishing!

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