It’s not you, it’s me

Dear SELF,

I know you’re only trying to think of what’s best for me, but I don’t think you’ve taken my needs into account.  Saturday night, when you whispered in my ear that I should flip all of my closet hangers to help figure out what I’d worn in a month, you obviously weren’t thinking about the fact that I have the world’s tiniest closet.  Not to mention, how do you suggest I manage special occasion wear?  United gear?  What do you say about that, hmm?

Don’t even get me started on Sunday’s "put your stuff here so you don’t lose it" tip.  Um, if I were good at putting things where it belonged, this wouldn’t be a problem, no?  My doctor and I both appreciate your hints to prep my breakfast and gym bags ahead of time, but…seriously.

I know you think I’m not ready for commitment, but perhaps I’m just obsessed with someone else?Boys_texas_2

Three in a row!  Way to go, boys!  Now, I love you both dearly, but do me a favor?  No moScar_2re cowboy hats, ‘kay?  Well, at least not til the next time you win at Texas

SELF, can we still be friends?

I’m still knitting away on the 932nd pair of socks I cast on for Ma’s Christmas present.  I still can’t get a good picture of the sage yarn, but I just turned the heel today (hence weirdly angled photo).  I’ll try to get a shot in daylight tomorrow.

Last night was another sporadic "Cheap Eats" dinner among some of my sillier friends.  We hit Southside 815 in the O.T. (Old Town Alexandria) for half-price po’ boys.  My oyster-shrimp combo po’boy was quite tasty, but really it was all about the peach pound cake.  I was good though and only ate half of it before sending my plate to the other end of the table.


One thought on “It’s not you, it’s me

  1. Stick says:

    oooh, Cowboy Hats, bad. Very Bad. And that from someone who thinks cowboy hats are totally sexy. Sorry Jimmie and Chad. Stick with the ball caps. hehe… she said Stick.

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