WIP Wednesday

ScarIt seems rather lame to have a day devoted to my WIP when I’m only working on one project and only barely on that one.  I turned the heel on my first modified Scar rib sock for mum, but I’ve barely gotten any knitting done this week.  If I buckle down and actually knit, I could be done with this sock by tomorrow night; it’s such a quick knit.  However, it’s highly unlikely that that will happen.  In an ideal world, I’ll knock off one sock and get the yoke and sleeves of my long-neglected Hourglass sweater by this weekend.

I’m also attempting Project 365 again.  I started the photo-a-day Img_0135project in January the first time around and eventually faltered in May.  I think I got bogged down in  the idea that I every photo I took had to be this gorgeous piece of art (and honestly, I give myself 4 days before I get bogged down in the same bs).  I’m certainly not starting off well.  Mmm, chicken.

In other bad news, I pulled out my Hippo socks to wear to work this morning and discovered yet ANOTHER hole!  Methinks there may be a moth situation, so I’ll be spending this weekend searching for cedar planks to store with my yarn and knit socks.  Grrr!

Last but not least, today is Dr. T’s birthday.  I’ve known him for over half my life and I feel like our relationship is going through yet another change.  We went to college together for a couple of years; I left Ohio and moved east; we went through separate but equally ugly breakups and helped each other through; and this winter, I saw him get married and start the next phase of his life.  Unfortunately, he has only emailed a handful of times since his honeymoon, so I’m not entirely sure if this next phase includes my friendship.  Only time will tell.  Happy birthday, Tom, wherever you are.

(edited: Dr. Wanker finally wrote me back apologizing for being a slacker.  We’ll see.)


3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Stick says:

    Only one project? what’s wrong with you!??!

  2. meg says:

    That’s a cute picture of you two. I’m glad you finally heard from him. It’s hard when people grow apart but it is a natural thing that happens to all of us. The best thing for me is to not take any of it personally and just know that life happens.
    The sock’s looking great!

  3. Jeanne B. says:

    Ohio? From whereabouts in Ohio did you move? I’m in NW Ohio. Great Sox! (That last sounds better when spoken in a Sean Connery accent.)

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