35 down, 1 to go

Against all odds, Chimmie won their FOURTH race in a row on Sunday, building up an 86 point lead over his teammate, car owner and mentor, Jeff Gordon.Bow_2

Shortly before this picture was taken, Jeff waved the white flag of surrender, but no one on the 48 team buys it.  They still have to run well and finish on Sunday to wrap up the Championship.  Thank goodness I rearranged my room at 1:00 Sunday morning.

Unfortunately, I have a conflict on Sunday.  MLS Cup is being held at RFK on Sunday at noon, which means there is absolutely no way I’ll get home in time for the green flag at 3:30.  I don’t have a dog in that fight so I don’t particularly care of New England or Houston hoists the Cup at the end of the day, so I may sneak out a smidge early.  We’ll see how I’m feeling Sunday. 

Img_0179 I finally bound off sock numero uno and am five repeats into the cuff of numero dos.  At this rate, I’ll be done right around MLK Day.  I finally lifelined my Hourglass sweater and tried it on.  I think I want to add another couple of inches to the length of the body before joining the sleeves and working on the yoke, but – in my eternal, organized wisdom – I set the needle aside somewhere when I lifelined the sweater and now I can’t find it.  Not only that, but I apparently decided not to write down the size needle I was using.  Not in earlier blog posts, not in Ravelry, not in my WIP photo album – nowhere.  You never suspected I was quite this clever, did you?  [This just in: just tugged on sleeve, fits like sausage casing…may be rethinking pesky Hourglass sweater…]


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