Pie = 134, not 3.14

I did manage to get off my tuchus and go to late night last night.  I even went so far as to take my Cherry Pie blankie to work on picking up 127 stitches to form the edge .  I picked up a few extra but figured it would be no big deal.  Wrong!  Not the extra stitches so much, but the fact that I picked them up on a smaller needle and theywere too small to transfer to my working needle.  Take 2 will commence when Grey’s goes off.  Img_0232_3

In SELF-land, I made my bed (as much as I ever make it) but I still have half a bed o’ crap.  Two work bags, a sweater waiting to be frogged, my replacement facial cleanser and moisturizer, a needle kit…the list goes on.  Sad but true.  I did decide to try to do that "Throw away 100 things in a week" thing.  I just have so much crap that it’s unbelievable.

  1. Diet coke bottlecaps saved for MyCokeRewards
  2. All the crap I picked up at the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertainment Show that’s been sitting in a bag for two weeks
  3. Three month-old TV Guides.
  4. A crappy backpack that I bought on the street for $20 that lasted as long as you’d expect before the seams started to go.
  5. Floss
  6. Chinese takeout menus
  7. Bad red, white and blue star-shaped beads
  8. Magazines, newspapers and junk mail (recycling counts, doesn’t it?)
  9. My favorite gym shorts that were suffering from a terminal condition known as Chubbus-Rubbus
  10. My Tarjay sunglasses that went to London & Paris with us last fall.  They were fun and came in tres handy, but the nose piece was loose and I couldn’t repair them so off they go

Not a particularly impressive list, but it’s a start.

As I mentioned Tuesday, this weekend is MLS Cup weekend, which includes fan events tomorrow, all day Saturday as well as the match early Sunday.  This is where my yin starts battling my yang for supremacy.  A part of me really just wants to come home after work tomorrow, putter around pretending to clean, finish turning the heel on sock #2, and catch up on the episodes of Heroes, Journeyman & Dirty Sexy Money.  The other part of me – the part that feels guilty for not providing more interesting blog fodder – feels I should go crash the Welcome to DC happy hour for visiting supporters (if I already live here, will they still let me in?). 


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