Babbling, but with pictures!

Some people can make wind-blown tresses look sexy and tousled.  Others give Tippi Hedren a run for her money.  I’m sure we can all guess what side of the scale I come down on.  I’m glad I didn’t spend too much time trying to tame my hair this a.m. before heading to work.  The 40 mph gusts trying to blow me down the boulevard were a little much.

Img_0238I did end up convincing myself to go to the MLS-sponsored happy hour last night at the league hotel.  I was relieved to spot a couple of friends right when I walked in the door so I didn’t have to go through my usual gawky stand-around-looking-desperately-for someone-I-recognize maneuver.  A handful of players made an appearance – Chris Armas, Dante Washington and D.C.’s Bobby Boswell, Nicholas Addlery & Dominic Mediate.  I love that our guys are so good about indulging us by showing up for all sorts of events when they don’t have to.  I know Troy Perkins was going to an event this morning (but that was at 9 or so this morning and there’s no way I was going to make that.  Even better, "free" barware (if by "free" we mean "no one checked my bag when I left". Awww, come on – they had the logo on them, they won’t be able to use them after Sunday anyway).  Some day I promise I’ll take pictures of nice, adorable soccer players again, but sometimes I just like hanging out and chatting with them instead of being a fan.  I did meet a handful of D.C. fans that I hadn’t met before, as well as a couple of folks from Houston, New England & Nebraska.

I had to bolt to the library to return a couple of books this morning, so I grabbed my camera to keep me amused on my stroll.  Apparently, today’s theme was "Lawn Art":

Dscf4687_2   Lawn_bunny_8

Dscf4697_3   Dscf4733

Dscf4730   Dscf4729

Jack   Dscf4715

But this little guy was my absolute favorite (although the frog prince is a close second):



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