I Survived


MLS Cup weekend 2007 is finally over, but I won’t say anything about the outcome of the game at  least until tomorrow because I know Steph had to Tivo it (hi Steph!).  The high points will have to wait til then.  Last night was the Capital Soccer Ball, which in the past has been a Screaming Eagles’ fundraiser with silent auctions for game tickets and jerseys, etc, but this year it was really more like just a happy hour, which I could’ve done without.  I mean, I’d just gone to a happy hour the night before; did I really need to pay a cover charge to go to the exact same thing again?

In the end, I guess it was fine.  I got to meet up with my friend Christina who’d driven in from Colorado for the game, which was nice.  I had to get up this morning to get to the tailgate by 10 a.m.   Due to the huge success of the tailgate, there was hardly any food left by the time I got to the front of the line, but I was able to at least hork down a burger before heading into the stadium.  There were fans at the game from all around the U.S. (and Canada!).  I saw jerseys representing D.C., New England and Houston (obviously), as well as Toronto, NY, ever-hopeful Philly, Chicago & Columbus.

I didn’t get alot (okay, any) knitting done during the race today because I was so nervous, but I did work on mom’s sock during all of my metro commuting to and from all of the various soccer events this weekend.  I should be done with it by midweek.  Please oh please let me be done with it by midweek.


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