Pointy ball, round ball & ball bearings


By and large it was a good sports weekend: the Buckeyes beat the evil team from up north (again); MLS Cup has come and gone (the fact that we weren’t in it kinda stank); and it was the final weekend for NASCAR until February.

I went to MLS Cup because it was in my backyard and because I’ve only missed two out of the 12 held by the league since its beginning.  Having said that, I was less than engrossed in the goings-on on the field.  The highlights of the day were: Placido Domingo singing the national anthem; the flyover; the rousing round of "100 bottles of beer on the wall"; the man and his little boy from NE Pennsylvania who sat next to me ("I came here a New England fan, but I’m leaving a DC United fan!"); the Dynamo’s smoke bomb; and seeing my friends one last time until the CONCACAF Cup in the early spring.

I did sprint from the RFK parking lot to get home in time for the green flag.  267 laps later, we had our champ.


Back to back championships, baby! 

Now, the real question…

Do I leave D.C. at the pre-pre-crack of dawn next Wednesday to go to NYC for the Victory Lap?

If so, do I take the bus for $35 or the train for $100 more?

Or should I just take the money and put it towards therapy for even considering such a hare-brained scheme?

[BTW, like last year, I’m composing a list of holiday tv shows in my sidebar in the hopes that I don’t miss my faves.  I realize that it’s before Thanksgiving, but since A Charlie Brown Christmas is on next week, I had to start early.]


2 thoughts on “Pointy ball, round ball & ball bearings

  1. Melissa says:

    The train, the bus will take to long and hold too many crazy people. 🙂
    Go buckeyes!

  2. Stick says:

    I’m gonna vote for Therapy, But I know you better than that, so go with the train, it will be more pleasant.

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