Giving Thanks

Once again, I’m extremely grateful for good cooks (who also happen to be great friends) who have taken me into their home on this day for the last several years.  I personally am not much of a cook, but I have done an extremely good job of befriending those who not only enjoy cooking but are also VERY good at it.  The menu included:

– two turkeys (one roasted, one deep fried – YUM!!!)
– two sweet potato dishes (one with marshmellows, one with onions and polish sausage – YUM!!!)
– green bean casserole (of course)
– salad
– a squash & chick pea dish
– creamed spinach
– carrots
– stuffing
– gravy (with and w/o giblets)
– cranberry fluff
– jellied cranberry sauce
– …and lots more food that is floating in my tummy that I’m clearly forgetting*

The wine and laughs flowed as freely as one could ever wish.  P called from Iraq to wish his family Happy Thanksgiving and reminded us all to be thankful that our loved ones were still safe on this day.  I continue to be immensely grateful for my east coast friends who have become my family and understand me a great deal more than the people with whom I share DNA.  I am thankful for my family and continue to wish I could be a better daughter and forge a better relationship with my mother while she is still with me.

*There was also supposed to be a Honeybaked Ham, but there was a teensy weensy incident that involved someone forgetting they’d set it on top of their car then driving off.


One thought on “Giving Thanks

  1. Stick says:

    amen sistah!
    and great pics – the dogs? priceless!!!

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