I swear I left the house today

…but not for long!

Hol and I met to pow-wow about Australia, including our lottery-ticket buying master plan so we can actually afford to go.  As of right now, the route is from here to Sydney to Perth (to Margaret River) to Cairns and back.  We’ll see what the all-mighty dollar dictates.

Of course, I have far fewer days to work out my NYC trip (I still can’t believe I’m doing this).  Right now, I’m inclined to play mega-tourist.  I haven’t been to the Big Apple in 10 years, easily, so I’m tempted to knock things off that I haven’t done in the past.  Cruising through Central Park & Rockefeller Center, taking in the view from the Empire State Building and finding a yarn store are on the short-list so far.  I have a streetmap somewhere that I need to track down, too.  Hrm.


One thought on “I swear I left the house today

  1. Stick says:

    I’m so proud of you for being so adventurous!!! Go You!

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