It’s 11:30…


Must be time to frantically throw together a post under the wire.  W’HOO!

I’d show you the progress on my Thuja sock, but I’m fairly certain I left it at work, so no photographic  time tevidence of my progress.  I’m awfully close to starting the toe decreases – honest!  I started swatching for Oblique, but I’m thinking I may actually get gauge with the called-for needle size in moss stitch, because I’m pretty certain the size down isn’t going to cut it.  Charcoal swatch.  Ooh.  Aah.

I’ve also been working on my NYC master plan.  Well, tentative master plan.  As of right now, it’s straight to Times Square from Penn Station at 0’dark-thirty (after a desperate search for a *$).  School Products isn’t terribly far from Times Square, but I haven’t figured out if I’m going to head there early before I head north to Central Park (& possibly Knitty City) or later on my way to the Empire State Building.  Although maybe it’ll be better to get all of the lines at ESB out of the way earlier rather than later.  Hmm, I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

I got a bit of a scare this morning.  As I left the house, I happened to glance into the backyard and noticed one of our porch chairs (that had been by the back door for some reason) sitting under my bedroom window.  We’d had an incident a couple of years ago where some guy had lugged our recycle bin to between our neighbor’s house and ours and stood on it to peep in one of my roommate’s windows.  After totally freaking out and emailing all of the roommates and our landlord, one of my roommates confessed to putting the chair in the backyard to ‘get it out of the way.’  Sheesh, just put it in the basement and save me the heart attack, okay!?


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