Stay Tuned…

I’ll compose a grown-up post tomorrow, but right now I’m looking at 4 hours until my alarm goes off.  My bag of cameras, knitting, a book, and other necessities is packed and by the door and I’ve already showered because there’s no way I’m getting up any earlier than I have to.

I bound off the toe to my first Thuja sock (told ya I was almost done!) but Oblique is not meant to be, at least not in the yarn I procured for that purpose.  So, into the stash it goes for a future project.  I dug out some Cascade Quattro to amuse myself with on the train ride north (or, more likely than not south, because I’ll be drooling on myself on the trip to NYC).

Time for shut-eye.  Next stop: Big Apple


One thought on “Stay Tuned…

  1. Stick says:

    WHOO!!! Go forth and Adventurize!!!!

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