I went all the way to NYC and all I got were these stupid skeins of Koigu, Part I

This was the haphazard, roundabout route that I took through greater Midtown yesterday.  It made sense at the time.  Of course, "at the time" I’d only gotten about an hour and a half of sleep, so who knows what I was doing.

I arrived at Penn Station a shade after 6:30, inhaled a stale Krispy Kreme doughnut (oh, the humanity), and trudged up 7th with my cup of coffee.  I fell in step behind a couple of other NASCAR fans making their way north – supporters of the #20 and Jeff Gordon by the looks of things.  I spotted supporters of a lot of other drivers throughout the rest of the day, including Kenseth, Big E, Jimmie (of course), Kurt Busch, and my own second fave, Jeff Burton.

Once I reached Times Square, I staked out my little plot of land at the corner of 7th and 43rd and settled in.  This was only problematic because the wind was WHIPPING across 7th Ave and the 36 degrees felt more like 26 with wind chill.  I kept myself amused by people watching, eavesdropping on the pissed off New Yorkers who couldn’t figure out what in the heck was going on, and being interviewed by Claire B. Lang on XM Satellite radio.  I held out hope that I was too sleep-deprived and too delirious to put on the air, but thatDscf4905_3 dream got squashed.  Oy.

After missing out on my photo opportunity (I’m slowly getting over it.  Very slowly) I hopped on the subway and headed south to Herald Square so I could head over to the Empire State Building.  At first I thought I’d been silly to buy my ticket in advance but as I worked my way through the first line, it was clearly a good idea.  It was an extremely sunny day, which made pictures a little hard to take on the north and east sides of the building, but what a problem to have.   Most of my shots of lower Manhattan are a little fuzzy because I couldn’t figure out how to filter out most of the light.  A beautiful day overall, though.

IMG_0336After recharging my batteries with a minty hot chocolate from Starbucks, I headed back over to Broadway to swing by School Products.  Beautiful wall o’ Koigu and all the Karabella you could shake a stick at, but I was oddly over- and under-whelmed at the same time.  I can’t put my finger on exactly why I left with that impression.  I also left with two skeins of Koigu earmarked for a set of Endpaper Mitts.  Stop laughing, all y’all.

After leaving School Products, I headed south in search of a subway station to carry my tired butt towards Central Park.  Before I found it, I encountered Madison Square Park, which had dog park, a Shake Shack, and a neat art installation by Roxy PaineConjoined was my favorite (totally missed Erratic).


I should’ve grabbed a burger from the Shake Shack for lunch, but I decided against it and headed across the street to hop on an uptown train. 

Part II: my first ever trips to Central Park & Rockefeller Plaza.


One thought on “I went all the way to NYC and all I got were these stupid skeins of Koigu, Part I

  1. Stick says:

    COOL YO!!!
    You make a girl proud!

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