Round, round, knit around – I knit around!


Today was our first day of actual snowfall.  We had a handful of flurries yesterday, but
nothing really to speak of.  That was really more of a, “Hey, was that…it looked like maybe…HEY!  A flurry!” situation, but today we’re blessed with real honest to goodness snowfall.  It’s
not accumulating or anything, but that hasn’t stopped the Metropolitan DC area from completely freaking out and closing schools and businesses early because, after all, it’s cold and stuff is falling from the  sky. That isn’t to say that streets and sidewalks won’t be treacherous, because while the  powers-that-be totally2007_1205canon0034
overreact and freak out, they don’t actually do anything to make the situation better.

However, instead of scurrying home like a good little camper, I’m off to Olsson’s to pick up a copy of Rich Eisen’s new book.  Sadly, it’s more about his football-broadcasting life than his VH1 "I Love the 80’s" life, but that’s okay.  It’ll make a good stocking stuffer for pop.  Wonder how many odd looks I’ll get working on my 2nd Thuja sock while waiting for  Messrs Eisen and (Marshall) Faulk to get their show on the road.

After being fussed at for overlooking "Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey", I’ve updated the sidebar to reflect the next 3 airings.  My apologies to you Nestor-holics who may have missed Monday night’s showing on ABC Family.

* With apologies to the Beach Boys.  Odd things pop into my head while magic-looping socks before my coffee. What can I say?


2 thoughts on “Round, round, knit around – I knit around!

  1. mai says:

    hooray snow!!! boo people who don’t know how to drive!!

  2. Mia says:

    The city always looks so much prettier under a fresh coating of snow. Now if they could just clean the streets….

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