The Football Frenzy Continues


Possibly the most exciting moment in the first half of last night’s Redskins/Bears game.  Fairly early on, some yahoo decides – with Washington deep in their own half – to run onto the field.  It must’ve taken five or six security guys to get him under control and off the field.  I like how Urlacher (Bears #54) is just standing there looking at them like, "I can give you guys a hand, you know."  When all was said and done, the Redskins carried the day, with both starting quarterbacks going out in the first half with injuries.

I had these tickets gifted to me at about 11:00 Wednesday night which wasn’t nearly enough time to find someone to go with me yesterday, so I put on my big-girl panties and headed out to Fedex Field on my own.  It turns out that I was surrounded by other Bears fans and (mostly) good-natured Redskins fans and we all laughed and teased our way through the 2007_1207canon0003agame.  The only real down side of
the night was when I got on the wrong shuttle and ended up at satellite parking instead of back at the Metro.  Consequently, I didn’t get home until about, oh, 1:30 this morning.  *yawn*

In spite of the inclement weather I did make it to Olsson’s to pick up Rich Eisen’s new book for my dad.  Even if he doesn’t like Rich’s style, he’ll be thrilled to have Marshall Faulk’s autograph, so it’s all good. 

One present down, 106 to go.

(Frosty & Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town are on tonight)


One thought on “The Football Frenzy Continues

  1. LauraRN says:

    The Son was at the game with his Bears clothes on… The Husband and I watched it (surrounded by Redskins fans) at Rivals in Charlottesville.
    Oh well…..

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