‘Tis the Season


Every year, friends of mine host a Christmas cookie extravaganza, complete with a field trip to a fully halls-decked house a block away.  Isn’t it delightfully tacky?!?   This picture doesn’t do justice to the Santa Claus race or the ice skating penguins or any of the other millions of lights scattered about their property.  Check out my Flickr site for more detailed shots.  Always amusing.

As for the WIP portion of this Wednesday, my Sequoia socks are slowly plugging along.  Not worth an in-progress shot, but should have a FO write-up before the end of the week.  Usually, by this point in my sock-knitting universe, I’ve already figured out what yarn and pattern I’m going to use for the next pair of socks, but not so this time.  Obviously I should see this as a nudge by fate to get going on any one of many WIPs, but none of them are really Metro-worthy.  2007_1212canon0015Any  suggestions for that perfect knitting project for all of the quality time I’ll be spending at airports in the next couple of weeks?

Wicked is going
SOOOOOOOOO SLOOOOOOOOOOOOWLY, but I ‘only’ have 12 rows before I separate out the sleeves (until I try it on and realize that more increases are in order.  Damn you, bosoms!!!).  The fun thing about Wicked is that progress shorts are always so exciting.  It’s a wad of wool, squished onto a circular needle that’s probably 6" too short.  I only have to cram 32 more stitches on there; how hard can it be?  [famous last words].

p.s. – DCU traded Bobby Boswell to Houston today.  I’m crushed.


2 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. Mia says:

    Wicked will get done. I remember hearing a complaint from some one else about getting it over the bosoms.
    And there are some tacky decorations out there.

  2. Beverly A says:

    i ran across your blog during nablopomo and have enjoyed reading it.
    i hope you don’t mind that i’ve tagged you. 🙂
    my blog is: http://frankieskunkandbev.blogspot.com/

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