The Best Week Ever*

*Well, not really but I needed a titleBirthday_2

Last Friday I turned 36.  A part of me feels like that should be a scarier number than it is, but it just
doesn’t bother me.  This is most likely because in no way do I feel like I’m in my mid-thirties.  Call it immaturity of you must, but I just don’t feel 36.  I have absolutely no biological clock to speak of and just sort of mosey through life doing my thing.  There was never a time in my life that I sat down and had any sort of life plan, and now that I think about it, I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not.  I’m leaning towards not.

Due to a great deal of self-restraint on Friday night, I was able to get up Saturday morning and get my things together to head to Lake Anna for the long weekend.  This is the third year a dozen or so of us have rented a house and headed south to spend the weekend out of town for New Year’s Eve.  My steady diet of Claritin made this weekend possible.  With 4 people
bringing their dogs down this year, my allergies were in overdrive, but
except for the first night, I was in pretty good shape.


As usual, the food was incredible.  My friend Pete and I apparently had the same idea for breakfast so we had waffles one day and pancakes the next, both courtesy of Alton Brown.  Our dinners ranged from summer rolls, yummy soup and Thai curry one night to chicken enchiladas and yellow rice the next.  I can’t possibly leave out the yummy ham, scalloped potatoes and roasted root vegetables we had the night in between (my first taste of rutabaga!).  Chili and Brunswick stew simmering in crock pots were awesome choices for serve-yourself lunches for the long weekend (and no, I have nary a picture of the food because I was too busy eating to snap pictures).

Of course, crawling back into the greater metropolitan DC area yesterday afternoon was painful.  The only thing I wanted to do was sleep for about 12 hours, so my luggage from Christmas (and now New Year’s) remains unpacked.  I haven’t taken the time to really think  about wrap-ups and resolutions, but  I have a couple of notions that I’m working on.


8 thoughts on “The Best Week Ever*

  1. Amy says:

    So glad you made it back too and had a great time! I know what you mean about not unpacking right away. As you know, I got back at a completely different time than planned (and thanks for the tip about Atlanta, btw, and here I thought I was safe not going through Chicago. Ha!), so it took me until Monday evening to unpack. And, happy belated bday – I like the way you think. I’ll turn 35 in Feb. and I continue to strive to live on my own terms! May you have a wonderful 2008!! : )

  2. mai says:

    hey! happy birthday! glad you had a great one 🙂

  3. Beverly A says:

    happy birthday!! and happy new year!!

  4. Yvonne says:

    I am jealous that you had AB pancakes AND waffles!!! So yummy. Sounds like a great time!

  5. Mia says:

    Well Happy Birthday!!!!! And you are only as old as you feel.

  6. Jess says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time…and happy birthday!
    PS-my list of resolutions is up to 14 items…and (most likely) counting.

  7. LauraRN says:

    Happy Birthday!!
    35 was the toughest one for me. (It was really a LONG time ago…) It was because my Mom was 35 the first time I ever knew how old she was.

  8. JulieL says:

    Happy belated B-day. I just turned 36 at the beginning of December myself. And now I have baby on the way (April). I’m hoping to make it back to the DC area and the shop soon, to see everyone before that, but right now things are not looking good. Hope all is well! Julie

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