N O! 

As much as I love my Buckeyes, I wasn’t the least bit surprised that they fell to LSU in the National Championship game tonight.  At least it wasn’t as dismal a defeat as last year, although I don’t think it was as close as the score would have you believe.  C’est la vie.  I’ve spent the rest of the evening consoling myself with Jeremy Northam and Paul Bettany.

I can’t say I’m surprised.  With a day that started with me being almost on time to work (only to have my boss out sick and therefore missing out on my punctuality) and ended with not only my work computer crashing, but also one of the server hard drives failing…there was just no way today was going to go well.

The only positive-ish thing that happened today is that I hauled my tuchus back to the gym for the first time in…well, the last recorded blog entry was last May.  Oy.  Chalk up 2.4 miles for mosey-a-gogo (because we ALL know I’m not running).


One thought on “O-H!

  1. Beverly A says:

    lol…too cute!! mosey-a-gogo!! mine is no-a-gogo right now. i’ve got to get something going soon so i can meet my 10% weight watchers goal by the 1st wednesday in march.
    how many days til the daytona 500? 🙂

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