A is for Accountability

As in, "I hope the wanker who stole my debit card number and ran up $1099 in charges is held accountable for his/her actions."  It doesn’t quite fulfill my obligations for the ABC-along, but as this major headache is taking up the bulk of my time and energy, I get to write what I want.  Also see: asshat or annoyance.

I also have some knitting accountability to contend with:2008_0115canon0015

  • Bubby has been languishing for over a year now (I’m so ashamed…or I would be if it weren’t so entertaining to watch Stick’s and Yvonne’s heads spin around…).  I really don’t have much to do; I just need to buckle down and do it.
  • My Somewhat Cowl & Hourglass both need to be completely frogged and rethought.


  • Finish Sis’s "Traditional" hat (which I believe was cast on Christmas 2006)
  • Belvedere needs arms.  Hol has offered repeatedly to help me undo the tragedy; I just need to take her up her kind offer.  What do you think the chances are that I can finish it before the one-year anniversary of me shoving it into a corner?  Yeah, me too.


  • Various and sundry other WIPs: the Buckeye DNA scarf that I accidentally left in Dayton and had to have my grandmother send to me; Wicked (which I last saw wadded up in the corner of my bed); baby blanket for coworker; Endpaper Mitts (they’re just not as engaging as I thought they might be)

Plan of attack: Bubby, blankie & Belvedere, brought to you by the letter B.

p.s. – Thanks to you all for the well wishes (not to mention the wishes for wine) after my little mini financial disaster last week.  So far, the bank has refunded most of the money that got swiped and now I just have to get my new card and pray everything stays in order.


2 thoughts on “A is for Accountability

  1. Beverly A says:

    here’s hoping you have a much, much better week!!

  2. mai says:

    asshat is the best. word. ever. here’s hoping you get all your money back and that you have no further problems!

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