Round One Goes to 2008

I give up.  Do you hear me, 2008?!?!?  I give up!  You won January! 

I realize I’ve been terribly negative these last couple of entries and was going to make a conscious effort to be more positive starting next week (ever the procrastinator), but I’m just throwing in the towel for the whole damn month.  Know why?  You’ll never guess.  Give up?

I have shingles, and I ain’t talking about the ones you use to tile your roof.  So on top of everything else, now I have a month of this to deal with.  I am SO taking tomorrow off work.

Stay away if you’ve never had the chicken pox.


6 thoughts on “Round One Goes to 2008

  1. Jenn says:

    Oh for crap’s sake. Must 2008 be so good at dishing out the crap? Shingles seems like they would hurt. Or itch. Or something. Take tomorrow off, you deserve it!
    Now I’m sort of itchy just thinking about it. Dammit.

  2. Amy says:

    Stupid 2008! 2008 is just not being very nice to a lot of people and it just seems unfair because all the people I know of who are having 2008 issues are just the nicest people…
    I hope you will still be able to get some knitting in – or something fun to cheer you up! : )

  3. ann says:

    Oh man. Yes, throw in the towel, and rest up. You’re gonna OWN february.
    (damn, that sucks!)

  4. mai says:

    ohhhh man, i’m so sorry to hear that :(. get better soon!

  5. Kel Moore says:

    Oh NO!!!!! *hugs* I’m sorry, hon! I hope you feel better soon and get some REALLY good pain meds!
    I think January is just leftover 2007 anyway. I say it’s not 2008 until I get all my Christmas presents to people! (Of course by that logic, it’s still 2005, but whatever.)

  6. Lara says:

    ooohhh, shingles are NOT good!!! feel better soon and it’s true, you’re totally gonna OWN February.

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