I’m not dead yet…

…but there’s still a week left in January.

I’ve been home sick for the last several days, so the only blog-worthy occurrence was my friends’ wedding last weekend.  I have oodles of pictures of me and my friends in all of our formal finery, but alas, the camera cord must be at the office, so I’ll have to share them at a later time.  I’ll just say that Jess & Doug had a beautiful ceremony and hopefully a wonderful evening with family and friends.Pinky

Despite my six-day weekend, I don’t have a lot of knitting to show for it.  I’ve spent the vast majority of my time belly-flopped with an icepack on my back, which doesn’t make for optimal knitting posture.   I’m still plugging away at the baby blanket for my coworker’s soon-to-be urchin.   Fortunately it’s a LionBrand special so it will be thoroughly washed and de-germed  prior to gifting.  I’m a little past the halfway point; I’m trying to maintain project monogamy til it’s done.  We’ll see.

I apparently caught a bit of the crud the morning before the wedding because by the time I left the festivities late Saturday night, I was snuffly and icky.  I have another doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.  Right now, I’m thinking something in the general sinus and/or ear infection or bronchitis range. 

I also just wanted to jot a quick note of thanks for all of the well wishes and notes of sympathy over the last few days.  I’m a horrible patient and have been whining lots; hopefully all will be back on an even keel by next week.


One thought on “I’m not dead yet…

  1. mai says:

    glad to hear you’re still alive! i think that i am just getting over some bronchitis as well! tis the season for it, i guess!

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