You know you’re in D.C. when…

Motorcade…your morning commute is interrupted by the President’s.  I’ve lived here for nearly 15 years, but I’ve only seen a presidential motorcade a handful of times.  I usually get the mini-ones, where you’re trying to guess how important they are by the number of motorcycles and SUVs tagging along, but nothing wreaks havoc quite like the Big Guy heading through town. 

My best intentions of getting my crap together have fallen by the wayside now that I’m back in the energy-suck that is my room.  I’m just so weighed down by all the crap that’s in there that I can’t figure out where to start (this apparently isn’t an uncommon occurrence, according to PW’s book

Stick asked, "if you’re not supposed to start by throwing stuff out… what ARE you supposed to start with?"  From what I can tell, the first step is to determine what you want out of the space you’re trying to organize, in my case – my bedroom.  Once you fix that vision in your mind, then you can determine what belongs in that space and what needs to go somewhere else, and then you can start to purge.  I have an enormous bedroom in a group house that I share with 3 other people, and my room has become a catchall for my belongings – sort of an efficiency in and of itself – but there’s really no rhyme or reason to the space and certainly no organization.

My goals for this weekend (I can’t believe I’m putting this in writing):

  • get the Cooking Light magazines out of my bedroom and put them on the bookshelf in the dining room with the rest of the cookbooks (I will have to go through them and rip out theSip
    recipes I actually want to keep at a later date)
  • wash and put away laundry
  • throw out full-size sheets that don’t fit queen-sized bed (keep set for air mattress)
  • toss a trash bag of stuff (this is so easy it’s almost a gimme; I should make it TWO bags)
  • finish the body of Wicked during the Bud Shootout, or at least finish turning the heel of my sock (I’m about 2/3 of the way through the heel flap) 

3 thoughts on “You know you’re in D.C. when…

  1. Stick says:

    I’ll make a deal with you – so we can both stick to the Declutter Plan. I’ll send 2 garbage bags of stuff to Goodwill if you send 2 to the Garbage Can.

  2. Amy says:

    Great list! I, too, am also planning to work on my clutter this weekend. My specific goal is to clean out my bedroom closet because I know how I need my closet to be organized… Good luck! : )

  3. Mia says:

    Well at least he is staying in DC this weekend. I can always tell you when he is at Camp David. He flies right over my house.
    I will join you in the declutter plan. I took several items to a white elephant sale last night at my quilt guild. And I found two people there who will take more of my clutter. One will take my scraps and odds and ends of fabric to use for teaching. And the other will take my extra needlepoint stuff. That will clear up more. And I will aim for one bag of trash this weekend.

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