Sheer Lunar-cy


I actually had to resort to digging my rarely-used tripod out of the corner of my room to get this rosy shot last night.  I was shaking too hard to hold the camera steady long enough to get exposure last night.   The others were just fuzzy moon-blurs.  I guess that shot was probably taken around 10:20 or so EST.  I called my dad around 9:00 to see if he was keeping an eye on it (he digs all things astrological and astronomical and all other astro’s) and he kept commenting that the moon was directly overhead but it hadn’t started yet.  I’d just been outside and knew full well that it had and as we get into a heated argument about it, he pauses and says, "Oh, wait…that’s the street light."2008_0221canon0002

And then I fell out of bed laughing.

When I wasn’t in my backyard waiting for my neighbors to call the cops because someone was
skulking around with a camera in the middle of the night, I was inside continuing to work on my Oval of Friends blanket.  I’m about halfway through block #12; with any luck I’ll finish it and lucky #13 tonight.  Lost has been back on for a couple of weeks, but I just can’t get into it.  I had trouble at the end of last season, too.  Maybe if I do a mini-marathon this weekend, it’ll suck me back in.


4 thoughts on “Sheer Lunar-cy

  1. Stephenie Liu says:

    Oh Papa Jetton! And I still owe you a donut breakfast too!

  2. sitdevil says:

    not get any good ones?
    That picture rocks!

  3. sitdevil says:

    not get any good ones?
    That picture rocks!

  4. mai says:

    hey, new layout! looks good!

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