3 of 7

No, I’m not channeling my inner Borg – that’s the number of strips I’ve completed for my Oval of Friends blanket.


Pay no mind to the 732 ends I have to weave in.  I’ll get there.  Someday.  Maybe I should pause after I finish the 4th strip and weave in all the ends up to that point.  Hmm, something to consider.

I’ve also been working on my second Diagonal Cross-Rib sock.  It’s not very far along, the stitch pattern is slightly easier than the first (the cross-rib is reversed) so it’s actually going to knit up faster, I think.

E and I headed out for a pub trivia field trip last night.  Our favorite bartender "Stewie" apparently no longer works there, but we made a respectable showing, only coming in 5 pts behind the winners.  Of course, we don’t know how many teams fell between us and the winners, but we feel pretty good about our performance.  Questions we missed included:

  • Whose face appears on the Canadian $10 bill?
  • The Iditarod (not Idiotard, Stick) is an Alaskan dogsled race which is run from Anchorage to what city?
  • Who is responsible for the quip, "I can resist anything but temptation"?
  • What is the name of Don Quixote’s horse?  Or Dale Evans’ horse, for that matter?
  • What was the name of the character played by Lee Majors in the TV Series, "The Fall Guy"?

We missed far more than just these, but this is a sampling of our pop culture failure.


I’m entertaining the idea of offsetting NASCAR news in this little box…if it works.  That way those of you who really don’t give a fig can ignore it.  For now I’ll just add my favorite commercial du jour. 


2 thoughts on “3 of 7

  1. Mia says:

    So you have been out at the pubs again? Enjoy.

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