Locked in my camera

I’ve taken all sorts of pictures the last couple of days, but sadly, both apparently I left both my camera cable and my card reader at work.  Bah humbug.  I spent the latter half of this week weaving in ends on the Oval of Friends blanket.  I finally wrapped those up this afternoon so I’ll be ready to cast on strip number five tomorrow in time for the race.

Thursday dawned with a heck of a toothache; by Thursday night the entire side of my face was Dcr2throbbing.  Friday morning I was sobbing at my desk; by noon I had a root canal.  Since my boss was heading out after a half-day, I just took my Novacain-numbed butt to Old Town to nurse my swollen face and get mocked for my slurred speech.

Apparently Knit Happens is good for my Diagonal Cross-Rib knitting because I finished up the heel flap and gusset yesterday afternoon and am about halfway through the foot now.  I tend to fly through the legs and feet of socks but get hung up on the heel turn for DAYS!  Well, that’s over now.

Michelle and Hol were unboxing a new Claudia’s shipment when I got to Knit Happens so I helped out for a bit and was seduced by a couple of the colorways: John B. & Navy Olive.  I figure the multi will be good for Knitzi’s Nutkin socks, which I’ll likely cast on next.  I can’t get the green to photograph well, but I have a couple of patterns in mind for it as well.

Root canal yarn doesn’t count, does it?

Jb2  Green

Awww, watching Herbie: Fully Loaded and they just showed Benny Parsons in the booth.  We miss you, Benny.  [There was a Jimmie cameo; that’s the only reason I tuned in for half an hour.]

Don’t forget to reset those clocks.  Daylight Savings Time starts/started on 3/9.

* Fortunately, I had another camera


One thought on “Locked in my camera

  1. Kel Moore says:

    Poor tooth!
    Navy Olive is freakin’ impossible to photograph well, my pictures of mine came out very much like yours 😉

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