Mmmmmmmmm, Pi !

Thanks to Chemgrrl for inadvertently reminding me that today is National Pi Day!  Go forth and calculate, y’all!Cross_rib_toes_2

This is about the third time this week I’ve sat down to compose a blog entry; hopefully I’ll actually get
one posted today.  While today won’t serve as an FO post, I did manage to bind off my Diagonal Cross-Rib socks earlier this week.  The proof is in the toes!  They’d be completely done, woven ends and all, if I hadn’t been distracted by Pierce B. in The Thomas Crown Affair.  I can’t hold it against Mr. Brosnan though; I did get him as the correct answer to a trivia question on Wednesday night (Q: Which former James Bond was born in Co. Mayo, Ireland?  One of my goofy teammates said Timothy Dalton.  Hrmphf).

The day after I bound off the toes, I cast on  not one, but two more projects.  [It’s an illness.]


The Monkeys on the left started off as the Nutkin sock.  While I liked the pattern, it kept reminding me of the Monkey socks but with a little less punch, so I decided to just frog it and cast on Cookie’s pattern instead.  I did switch to a picot cuff (don’t get me started), just to make it a little different than my first attempt.   

On the right, we have my Tintagel Farm blend.  When I saw it at Maryland Sheep & Wool last year, I immediately thought Clapotis (never let it be said that I have any idea what I’m talking about).  Of course, I may not have quite enough of that wool/mohair blend, but we’ll see.  It may end up getting frogged and made a skosh skinner.


Jimmie and Chad had another tough race in Atlanta, finishing as the last car on the lead lap.  Of course, ATL was such a bizarre race that that position worked out to being 13th (out of 43).  They’re sitting at 13th in driver points heading into Bristol which is NOT one of their better tracks.  Of course, qualifying just got rained out so at least we’re starting the race P1.  Maybe we’ll actually lead a lap this week (unlike last).  Right now I’m thinking maybe I’ll meet up with my running group Sunday afternoon…


One thought on “Mmmmmmmmm, Pi !

  1. Amy says:

    Is the picot cuff difficult? I haven’t tried it yet and I really want to – any tips? Not trying to get you started, just looking for friendly advice. : )

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