I knit, therefore I purl

Contrary to popular belief, I have actually been knitting a stitch here and there lately.  The John B. Monkeys are coming along slowly but surely.  Watching Guinness (the field spaniel, not the frosty beverage) does provide me with a good deal more Metro commute time, so I should have a great deal more accomplished by the time I head back home this weekend.  Here we are waiting for our train this morning.  I forgot that I had to adjust my morning ritual to accommodate for my doubled commute.  I guess it doesn’t really make much of a difference, since I’m late every day anyway.  Oops! 

After further guestimation, I think I’ll have enough yarn to finish my Clapotis scarf.  There was a horrendous tinking incident that took place while watching Cutting Edge 3 (ABC Family strikes again).  Matt Lanter, while adorable, is no D.B. Sweeney.  Anyway, my new-and-improved Clap is just under three feet long now and I still have a few feet left on the first skein so I should be well in the clear.  Famous last words.  I haven’t decided how much I’ll be working on it at my cousin’s since there’s dog fur EVERYWHERE and I’m not sure I want to risk embedding it in something that’s going to be worn around my nose and mouth.  That’s just asking for trouble.

Much like agreeing to dogsit when you’re allergic, I suppose.


One thought on “I knit, therefore I purl

  1. mai says:

    i loved the first cutting edge, but 2 and 3? were they really necessary???

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