About last week…

So, I realized that I slapped up that lovely picture of the Sydney Opera House last week and never went back and provided anything vaguely resembling details.  Sorry ’bout that!  The long and the short of it is, Holly and I didn’t end up going on the originally scheduled trip to Australia (which we would’ve just returned from, according to the original itinerary), but things finally worked themselves out and we purchased our tickets to Sydney last week.   We’ll have about two and a half weeks to explore Down Under.  W’HOO!

The itinerary has been completely revamped – as there’s no longer a need to go all the way to Perth – so now we’re looking at a weird Sydney/Tasmania/Adelaide circle.  Beer, beach, chocolate and wine – what else do you need on vacation?

I hereby give the blogosphere permission to ignore any future whining about my dog-sitting (for anyone other than my cousin, that is).  Apparently, I start watching two German short-haired pointers starting Thursday – I thought I had some more time off between dogs.  At least they aJbm_toe) live 6 blocks from my house and b) will definitely be lending me their car for the duration.

The toe of John B. Monkey numero uno is duly, clumsily kitchenered, and now I get to embark on picot cuff number two.  My plan is to get that done before I have to report for doggy duty, then I’ll have the week to finish both the clapotis and the pair o’ socks.  Unless I use that time to finish Wicked.  Hmm, this is going to take some thought…

I hope everyone who observes it had a Happy Easter weekend.  I, of course, celebrated with

Mmmm, fries!

3 thoughts on “About last week…

  1. Kim says:

    Fries? Veerry springy!
    Just got your e-mail about the Burtons — yep, Ward most assuredly had the Southern bedroom!!

  2. mai says:

    ooh 2 and a half weeks??? FUN!!!! i JUST booked my flights and tours for my trip in may, too! i’m poor now. and also, french fries are my weakness. love.

  3. Amy says:

    You and Holly are going to have such a fabulous time – and I’m sure it will be a well deserved break for both of you! Those fries look yummy… : )

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