Not entirely untrue

I know I said I’d post about knitting yesterday, but I’m still adjusting to being back in my own space so I ended up catching up on a million little household tasks yesterday evening.  One of those pesky little to-dos was actually making dinner for myself of something other than the speed-dialing Hunan Number2008_0408canon0006_2
One variety.   I whipped up the tilapia piccata  recipe from Cooking Light for dinner and I have to admit it was quite tasty.  As usual, it takes me three times as long to cook anything as they say it will, but that no longer surprises me.  [I have the same issue with 30-Minute Meals – not gonna happen]

My second John B. Monkey is coming along, but it occurs to me that I’m not sure if I did six or seven repeats of the pattern on the leg of the first sock.  The pattern calls for six, but I have the number seven stuck in my head, so I won’t be making any more progress on it until after I can get home and confirm what it is I’m supposed to be doing.

This week’s flowers are Triumph tulips, I believe.    The red is a little washed out because my camera is misbehaving again,
but the colors really are more red and yellow than pink and yellow.  My
flower guy didn’t have Gerbera daisies this week, so I’ll keep an eye
out for them next Monday.


Getting there.  Jimmie didn’t have quite enough oomph to reach Edwards at the end of Sunday’s race at had to settle for a second-place finish.  Ha!  I say 2nd like it’s something to hang your head about, but really I’m thrilled.  Apparently the guys did a lot of testing over the last couple of weeks and seem to have figured some things out.  On to Phoenix!


4 thoughts on “Not entirely untrue

  1. mai says:

    did you know that tulips continue to grow even after they’re cut? my mom owns a florist 🙂

  2. Beverly A says:

    kudos to jimmie and chad…i wish elliott could pick it back up again…he seems to be maintaining 20th position…
    and about that hurt back of his, i wonder what the real story is…lol

  3. Amy says:

    I’m pretty sure the prep time is misleading on most recipes…at least that’s what I’m telling myself. It may take 30 minutes, but that doesn’t include all the prep that goes into it! I need a 15-15 ratio (unless I’m in the mood to take my time)! : )

  4. Stick says:

    30 minute meals only works when you have a staff and crew working for you, everything is prepped in advance, your kitchen is spotless and you have every pot/pan/tool/gadget known to man AND they’re all in their assigned places in a kitchen you and i will never ever have in our own homes.

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