Let’s talk about six, baby

Apparently, "six" was the magic number of repeats I should’ve worked on my second Monkey cuff (oddly enough, just like the pattern states).  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find JBM #1 to verify the number of repeats I’d worked the first time around until this morning, so there was a side trip to the frog kiddie pool during today’s morning commute.  I’m almost done picking all the stitches back up so I should be able to cruise through the heel flap before the DC United game tonight.

Yesterday, Sandy posted this Twain quote:

Good breeding consists of concealing how much we think of ourselves and how little we think of the other person.
    — Mark Twain, Notebooks (1935)

I don’t know what breeding has to do with it, but the first half of that statement rarely applies to me.  If nothing else, I have the polar opposite problem – thinking far too little of myself.  It’s something I periodically try to work on, even having gone so far as to give up "negative self-esteem" for Lent on year.  Yeah, that was a rousing success.  Short of therapy, how does one reverse thirty-six years of this type of thinking?  The last thing I want to do is go too far in the other direction, but I know it irritates the people in my life when I put myself down all the time, but it ‘s such a built-in facet of my personality at this point.  This really has nothing to do with anything – just me thinking out loud.  And procrastinating.


4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about six, baby

  1. Stick says:

    I don’t think it’s “built-in,” at least not in the sense of it being genetical or not-changable. How to fix it? Oy. that’s a tough one, but it can be done. And I’d love to be a part of helping/encouraging you to do it without being a pest. (not easy for me)
    My first suggestion – each time you put yourself down, add to it something positive. “I’m not attractive” gets “I’ve really smart” etc…

  2. Kim says:

    Watching the “American Idol” thing last night (it even hurts to type that — but I though HLaurie might put in an appearance), and who should be the first celebrity who urged people to call? #48. Except they spelled his name “Jimmy.” I knew then we were in for a rough night.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh, that little knitting error was my fault, right? Do we need to go into how much I admire Mark Twain, again? It’s so hard to say the right thing at the right time! Do you think you can still make the 5:30 shuttle?

  4. Amy says:

    I like Stick’s suggestion! And, you can overcome this, but it will take time, courage and determination on your part – ask me how I know…
    Oh, I have that Salt n Pepa song running through my head now lol…
    Have a wonderful weekend! : )

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