312 Laps of Fun*

Crazy Lace AgateI finished my John B. Monkeys at some point over the weekend but haven’t had a chance to take the requisite FO shot yet, so they’re not officially wrapped up.  Since I won’t make the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival this year (*sniffle*), I’ve decided that I’ll cast on with one of last year’s purchases – a hank of STR.  I’m fairly certain I’m going to go with the Crazy Lace Agate, but it’s between that and the Carbon Dating.  The bigger problem is that my scale has gone MIA since one of my roommates moved out, so I haven’t been able to separate the skein yet.  I’ve learned this is a crucial step in my sock-making process, otherwise I’ll end up buying a second hank just to do an inch and a half of a toe.  Since there are so many fantastic colors in that skein, I’m thinking it’ll either just be a plain sock, or maybe I’ll try Anastasia again.

Since I’m sock-free for the time being, I’ve been working a few rows on my Clapotis, made with yarn from another of last year’s Sheep & Wool purchases.  I only have a couple more straight-row repeats before I start the decrease rows.  I was just going to work it until I was nearly out of yarn but that may end up being too much, so we’re going to go with Holly’s favorite instructions – "or desired length."

It feels weird not having a pair of socks on hand (or on needles, as the case may be).  Methinks I may have to mosey to late night tomorrow and distract them with wine so I can borrow their scale.  Hmmm.


At the beginning of every race, Chad goes through this little routine.  He thanks the sponsors, he pumps up the guys, telling ’em to have a good time, hit their marks, blah blah blah, and usually ends by telling Jimmie to out there and have some fun.  This week it was "312 laps of fun" – and boy, did he!  There were ups and downs, but at the end of the day – and after a risky fuel call – the 48 team took their first checkered flag of 2008.  Good job, guys!  The win helped propel them to 4th in the overall standings, which was just as important, although anything can change in the 18 weeks before the Chase.


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