At least there was fire


Last weekend I went camping in the wilds of greater Dauphin County, Pennsylvania with approximately 175 of my closest…complete and total strangers.  Not entirely true, I suppose.  Twenty or so of them were either locals from the DC area or I’d met others on previous trips to PA. 

2008_0507canon0004 My version of camping has very little to do with "roughing it" and a great deal more in common with simply sleeping in a tent.  It was cold this weekend.  I know you MDSW people have trouble believing this, but the nighttime temps were skimming 50 and yours truly had a sleeping bag with a busted zipper.  [I performed emergency surgery around 2:00 a.m. and fixed it as my teeth were chattering.  Guess I didn’t need my fan after all.]  Fortunately, the rain held off for the majority of the weekend and only opened up late Saturday night.  Fortunately I was already tucked away in my tent (let’s hear it for non-leaky tents!!!)

Other than that, it was a good weekend.  The food was good, the beer was plentiful, the band was fantastic, and I hopefully made some new friends that I can chat with on my next camping trip (4th of July weekend).


Of course, I came home to six hours of Tivo’d crap.  That’s not entirely true; I had the pleasure of watching DC United lose to Colorado on live TV (Erpen?  Seriously?!?).  Chimmie fared about the same when Dave Blaney wreaked havoc on the field, taking out 10 lead lap cars while escaping unscathed himself (isn’t that always the way?).  The 48 car finished 30th, 10 laps down, after the wreck resulted in heavy body damage (Hood?  We don’t need no stinkin’ hood!).  Dropped two spots to seventh, heading into Darlington this weekend.


One thought on “At least there was fire

  1. Stick says:

    I love our friends! YAY CAMPING!!!! Glad you stayed dry. Sorry to be out of pocket this week.

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