KIP at your own risk

I was on the Metro yesterday, plugging away on my second Anya sock and a woman bounced onto the train and sat down on the seat in front of me.  Usually the iPod is enough to dissuade people from getting overly chatty.  Usually.  At first it was fine.  She complemented me on my knitting, admired the STR colorway I was using, but then she crossed that line.

I feel that most knitters have "that line."  It’s in different places for different people, but when the woman turned around in her seat, up on her knees like a little kid and started to reach into my lap to grab the wound skein of yarn in my bag, THAT was it for me.  Fortunately, I had my completed sock in my bag, too, and I quickly whipped it out and gave that to her to admire.  Kinda like throwing the tennis ball to distract the puppy from whatever else he’s about to chew on.  She ooh-ed and aah-ed for a while, then gave it back and turned around in her seat and left me in peace. 

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the complement, but come on people.  Personal space?!  At least it wasn’t as bad as Elspeth’s episode.




2 thoughts on “KIP at your own risk

  1. Kim says:

    Seriously? Whew.

  2. mai says:

    dude, annoying! but man, elspeths story is ridiculous! i cannot stand it when people enter my personal bubble.

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