And miles (of stockinette) to go before I sleep

Tomato2What in the world "inspired" me to have two large stockinette projects on needles at the same time?  Wicked is just gonna have to hang in the queue for a while, because there’s no way I’m holding a lap full of Cascade going into a mid-Atlantic May, but I’m trying to at least wade my way through Tomato.  I have another half inch of round-and-round to do on the body before I start the hip increases, but I’m not sure that’ll be enough to stem the ennui.  Yes, it’s so bad I’m breaking out the ennui.

So, under normal circumstances, my SIP (sock-in-progress) would be enough to keep my more creative knitting juices flowing, but Anya is pretty plain for the most part, too, with just the odd YO and SSK to break up the monotony.   I have a weekend-long work meeting coming up this weekend.  The thought of endlessAnya2 shifts of help desk watch with only stockinette to keep me company makes me itchy.  I could totally
stash dive and come up with the Endpaper Mitts (which I think I need to be frog and recast on using magic loop; the DPNs are killing me) or work on the long-neglected Buckeye DNA scarf.  More likely than not, I’ll end up casting on some other never-ending project that I’ll work on loyally for about a week and then ignore until the next time.

Okay, I hereby declare June to be "Finish a #*!@# Project" Month.  Not sure which project(s) they will be – maybe I’ll put it up to a vote next week (Inny is NOT in the running), but virtually everything else may be fair game.  Bubba?  Somewhat Cowl?  My gimpy Central Park Hoodie?  Put on your thinking caps!


Same stuff, different week.  Battery/alternator problems and an ongoing tight condition led to a 13th-place finish for the boys in Darlington.  I ended up watching the race on Tivo, nursing a bourbon hangover and curled up in bed Sunday afternoon, so I really don’t have anything insightful to bring to my race analysis.  I think the boys summed it up the best:

Chad: “When was the last time the car was good?”
Jimmie: “Before I put it in the wall and f**ked it up.”
Chad: “Good job, stupid.”

Even when they’re not doing well, they crack me up.


3 thoughts on “And miles (of stockinette) to go before I sleep

  1. Stick says:

    I vote for Bubba! Bubba! Bubba! Bubba!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I so love Jimmie and Chad…

  3. SpindleRose says:

    Jimmie and Chad are funny.
    I’ll totally join you for June is “Finish a #*!@# Project” Month. I need to finish a pile of stuff, too.

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