Catching My Breath

Birthday party, airport run, shopping, soccer game, another airport run, more shopping, room-rearranging, race, knitting, Deadliest Catch marathon, sleep, work.


Okay, so it wasn't that overwhelming, but my three-day weekends never seem to be all that relaxing.  My friend Tim's birthday party was a blast, overrun with people and dogs and babies and food.  Oh, the food.  Yummy chopped pork and grilled drumsticks aside, I can't say enough about Nick's homemade ice cream.  WOW!  Almond?  Coffee?!?!   I didn't even make it to the other room to try the raspberry and vanilla.  Can IUnder_jersey blame my friends for my fat?  No?  Okay.

The DC United game (v. Toronto) was good, and this is the first time in WEEKS that I've said that.  The good
guys won, the bad guys lost, and we got to play with the new giant jersey.  I don't know but every time we pull that thing down, it makes me giggle.  Fortunately no one sets of smoke bombs underneath it because…BLECH!  Our next game is tomorrow night against one of the teams tied for the best in the league.  We're not the worst, but we're not far off.  Here's hoping for a surprise three points.

I've been knitting, too!  In preparation for "Finish a #*!@# Project" month, I did cast on a new pair of socks.  I 
still have a few inches left on the leg of my Anastasia socks, but I had to go ahead and get the Froot Loops cast on before May 31.  My game, my rules.  I dug out a hank of Fleece Artist Merino Sock that I had tucked away in a fun purple and decided to give it a go.  I'm less  than an inch into the cuff, but I just wanted to get it on needles.  I also bound off the back of Mimi and have started on the right front.  Not terribly exciting but it is chuggling along.  I decided against trying to work both fronts at the same time, but I may attempt it with the sleeves.  We'll see.


Dress update tomorrow.


Well, crap.  We done blowed up.*  With less than 100 laps to go, the engine let go at Lowe's Motor Speedway.  I don't know that I recall us losing an engine before; Danny Emerick (engine tuner) usually takes care of us, but 600 miles is a long way to go and…oh who knows.  The car filled up with smoke and that was all she wrote. Better luck at the Monster Mile, boys.

Scanner chatter (after Jimmie complains of a wicked cramp in his hamstring):
Chad: "You get that banana?"
Jimmie: "Yeah, but it was so slippery that I couldn't hang on to it, so I threw it out the window."

* That was for you, S.C.


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