Warm Birthday Wishes

Hol_stephYesterday was the Knitting Nurse's birthday, so the gals went out for drinks to celebrate the festive occasion. 
As usual, I was dashing from the City to Old Town to meet up with everyone; meanwhile Holly and Stephanie had plenty of time to make themselves beautiful (not that it takes much). It was also an excellent occasion to get to know my new friend, hence forth known as Niko. 

We were meeting the rest of the party at the restaurant so we headed out shortly after I got there.  Since we made a reservation and promised to fill the three-drink minimum, we got this snazzy back room (nearly) to ourselves.  Towards the end of the evening, our server Laura (she of the fabulous haircut) had to seat a couple of guys in the back room with us.  They had a lot of trouble believing that a roomful of knitters could be young, hot and more than able to handle their alcohol.

(Okay, must figure out how to fix weird pixelating thingy)

Purse The drinks were pricy but FABULOUS (with the slight exception of the Sherlock Holmes).  Smoked tobacco in your drink?  No, thank you!  It was…interesting.  We tried to work our way through the entire drink menu but there were a couple we didn't get to (or, in my case, chose to skip because of their gin content).  I'd say we easily knocked out 75% though.  We could've done the entire thing except there were a couple we kept cycling back to (mmmm, Eamonn's Cocktail, grog…).

There was food, drink, laughter, and friends.  All the ingredients for a great night. I hope that the birthday girl had as wonderful an evening as the rest of us.  She certainly appeared to enjoy her present from the gang.

Happy birthday, Steph!


2 thoughts on “Warm Birthday Wishes

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thanks to everyone for such a great night! I had a fabulous time. I’m sitting here right now trying to decide what to do with my new Frog Tree yarn – besides carrying some of it around in my fantastic new green clutch!

  2. mai says:

    fun times!
    ps – you’ll need to resize the photo to reduce pixelation before posting on the blog, or display the photo in true size

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