T/WITS Weekend

Ever have one of those weekends – especially a long weekend – that you need more time off in order to recover?  Yeah?  Then you’ll absolutely know where I’m coming from.

Every Fourth of July weekend, several dozen miscreants descend on a campsite in rural Virginia for a tubing trip down the Shenandoah River. Tubing/Walking in the Shenandoah (aka T/WITS) pretty much kicked my butt this weekend.  The water levels are so low that you ended up beaching yourself on a boulder and have to stand up, walk several feet downriver, then plunk back down, only to repeat the process in another fifty yards.  You’d think with all the rain we’d had lately this wouldn’t have been a problem; you’d be wrong.


The alcohol flowed early and often and I took a wee bit too much advantage of it the first night, which took me entirely out of the game for day 2.  I know better, but there were tasty drinks that didn’t taste like alcohol and drinking games and I was just dumb, dumb, dumb.  Fortunately, it was a long weekend so by the time we went tubing on day 3, I was ready to play again.  Sticking strictly to beer made all the difference.  Beer good; yucca bad.

Did I mention the rain?  Y’all, it rained this weekend.  A lot.  I could barely stand up in my tent because the ground underneath it was just a mud pit.  Fortunately, my big-a$$ REI tent held up just fine for the most part.  There was a little seepage from underneath but it was minimal.  Of course, the second I got home yesterday, I pitched my tent again in the backyard so the rain could come wash away the mud, but NOW it decides not to shower.  Seriously?!?  I’m in a nylon and aluminum bubble for 4 days and it doesn’t STOP raining and now when I need a little precipitation, it dries up?  Grrr!  Maybe our neighbor will let me borrow his garden hose.

I actually did knit this weekend.  Very little, but sticks and string were indeed wielded.  I can’t help but rise early when sleeping outside so while I was waiting for the rest of camp to stir, I worked a few rows on a Mimi sleeve.  It’s still nowhere near completion, but I should finish it this week and start on number 2.  Famous last words.

Real post tomorrow…


3 thoughts on “T/WITS Weekend

  1. mai says:

    sounds like a good time! i went tubing in the shenandoah a few weeks ago and the guy tried to tell me that the water was high… yea, it so was not. it rains every year on the 4th. go figure.

  2. Amy says:

    Sounds like a fabulous time! Good for you! : )

  3. Mia says:

    The Doah has always been known for having to walk it instead of ride it. At least no rocks poked you in the rear end. I remember working one summer as a guide on the Doah near Harper’s Ferry – walk and pulling the raft over the low spots.
    So you are the reason for no rain? I need rain to water my garden.

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