No Rhyme or Reason


I still haven’t figured out the best settings on the new camera for getting my photos to look right online.  Sorry everyone gets to be my guinea pigs.  Last week before embarking on my long weekend of self-abuse, I took a detour on my way to the train station.  Finding things to take pictures of in this town is so easy that it’s almost difficult.  The same subjects can only be photographed so many times before they become dull and uninspiring.

Of course, that doesn’t stop me from doing it.


Blah blah White House blah Washington Monument blah.  For some reason, I didn’t take the long lens with me that day, but I think it’s okay.  Besides, I’m particularly fond of the big house’s next door neighbor.


The late-afternoon sun, and my inability to compensate for it, washed this photo out a bit, but I love the Old Executive Office Building with its columns and bits jutting out everywhere.  It has always been one of my favorite downtown structures (I was really upset when it was on fire last year, but it looks okay now).2008_0710canon0011

The next time I head out to take more pictures, I’ll be even more stylin’ than usual.  I ordered one of Caro‘s great camera straps so I could get rid of the relatively ugly black and yellow Nikon doohickey that came with my D40.  I had a tough time deciding which one I wanted, but ultimately I went with the red for the somewhat-practical reason of wanting less white on the strap.  I have a hard enough time keeping things clean without inviting the dinginess that having mostly-white canvas scrubbing against me.  I love it.

51 days and counting til Oz.


Frackin’ Dave Blaney!!!  I don’t care if you are from Ohio; we’re through!  For those of you who aren’t psychic, freakin’ Blaney wrecked Jimmie at Daytona last weekend.  Jimmie may not have had the car to win, but he could have finished higher than 23rd.  Here’s to a good weekend in Chicago.


3 thoughts on “No Rhyme or Reason

  1. nigelmoose says:

    “Frackin’ Dave Blaney!!! I don’t care if you are from Ohio; we’re through!”
    LOL just had to share a bit of Dave Blaney trivia…I too am from Ohio (I think we talked about it at KH one Weds. night) and when I was a kid, my dad used to race (dirt track). Two of his competitors: Dave Blaney and his father Lou. This was back in the 80s when Dave was just starting out.
    Still, he shouldn’t have wrecked Jimmie 😐

  2. mai says:

    i also love the old executive office building. and i never get tired of taking photos of DC landmarks! everytime i see one, it’s seen in a different way.

  3. Kim says:

    Never have been a Blaney fan. What WAS the deal there?
    And the OEB has to be one of the most interesting buildings anywhere.

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