Murder is fun!

I missed late night at Knit Happens last week because my friend Pete organized an mystery dinner theater outing in Crystal City.  Mystery Dinner Playhouse put on “Murder at the Irish Wake” with a cast of six actors in a small conference room at a hotel, I have to admit to being highly entertained, although probably not in the manner they would’ve liked.  The show itself was okay.  Most of us picked out who the culprit was fairly early on in the evening, but we played the game and ate our salmon and took advantage of the cash bar at one end of the room (after all, it was an Irish wake!). 

Since it was a large group – about sixty of us – we had our own private show and that was probably the cause of the downfall.  I wouldn’t say that mob mentality necessarily took over, but there were a couple of lines in the script that had us all bursting into rather inappropriate giggles having nothing to do with the play and once we got one of the actors to break character, it was all downhill.  I felt kind of bad for them at the end of the night, but we certainly amused ourselves over the course of the evening, that’s for sure.  I’m not sure if they talked “Father Pat” into joining them at the bar afterwards or not; I had to leave early.

There was no staging per se for the performance.  As I mentioned, it was really just in a conference room so the actors wove themselves in and out of the tables, so you were always kind of twisted around looking to see what was going on.  Has anyone ever been to a murder mystery dinner performance before?  What were your experiences like?

Look, a sock! 


Well, three-quarters of a sock at any rate.


I hate Shrub. That is all.  Okay, it’s not REALLY all.  I hate David G., too. 
There was a United game Saturday night (hrumphfChivashrmphf) so I couldn’t watch the race live AGAIN.  I watched about half of it when I got home late on Saturday and watched the rest first thing Sunday morning.  I knew when the caution came out for the 38’s blown motor that the 48 wouldn’t be able to hold on for the win, but 2nd place is far better than they’ve been running lately, so I’m proud of them.  The Cup series is off this weekend, and I’ll miss both the Brickyard and Pocono because of two more camping trips.  I can’t believe I haven’t heard the boys on the radio for weeks!


One thought on “Murder is fun!

  1. Amy says:

    I really need to make a better effort to go to Late Night on a regular basis. I love KH.

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