Passthrough Blogging

I have one foot out the door to head to the twice-postponed DC United v. Houston whatchamacallits soccer game.  It was supposed to be last night but the power went out at RFK.  Seems that since baseball moved Vacation2out, the city can’t manage to pay its power bill.  I knew we were relegated to second-class citizens and all, but come on!

I think I finally have acquired all of the yarn that I’ll need for my vacation knitting.  I decided to go with socks as the primary project and a scarf as a backup.  Holly and I are theoretically doing the same socks, but since she’s already knit every pattern under the sun, we’re having a hard time coming up with something neither of us has cast on before.  We’re currently looking at Cookie A’s Thelonious sock pattern, and I figured I could use my newly-acquired Dream In Color yarn.  I’ve never used Smooshy before and in a moment of weakness, I let Amy the Enabler talk me into picking some up at The Loopy Ewe.  It is indeed smooshy.  I can’t wait to cast on.Vacation1

My alpha-enabler, Holly, is responsible for the second skein of yarn I picked up this week.  I decided to try the Lace Ribbon Scarf as my #2 traveling project.  I’ve never worked with Schaefer Yarn before so I picked up a skein of Anne in a colorway that I’ve forgotten the name of, but that got an enthusiastic thumbs-up from Hol.  Choice number two was a woodsy brown and green colorway, but I think I like this one a little bit better.  Hopefully I’ll get a better picture of it once I start working it up and I’m not taking photos in the dim cavern that is my bedroom.

Now that all that’s taken care of, maybe we should actually book hotel rooms…


2 thoughts on “Passthrough Blogging

  1. Amy says:

    I vote for Thelonious! I have that pattern and plan to eventually knit it. And, I’m glad Holly was able to do some enabling too. I haven’t knit with Schaefer Anne either, but you know I have some, lol. : )

  2. Kim says:

    Is this like a passthrough penalty? Were you blogging too fast when you accessed the Web?

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