Because that’s just how things go


This is sleeve #2.  Not sleeve #1 or sleeve #3.  Numero dos.  My room – more specifically, my duvet cover – decided to ingest both of my sleeves for my Minimalist Cardigan.  After searching high and low and high again, I gave in and ordered replacement yarn last Friday so I could hopefully crank out the sleeves before leaving on vacation last week.  Earlier this week, I shook out my comforter from where it was folded on the foot of my bed and out plunked the first sleeve.  The second didn't make an appearance until after I cast on and knit 6" of sleeve #3.  This had better be the best. sweater. ever.   In theory, I'll finish the second sleeve tonight, weave in the ends for all the pieces, then block them over the weekend. 

I should also get a fair amount done on my second Froot Loops sock  this weekend as well.  I'm dog-sitting for my favorite boxers this weekend while their people are at a wedding in Montana.  I don't know what possessed me to think that the weekend before I go on an enormous vacation is really the best time to be away from home for five days, but I never claimed to be clever.



Slumping at the wrong time.  Generally the 48 team seems to stumble in mid-June through July then pick it up going through August into September.  This year, they seem to be tripping their way into the Chase.   Sitting third with 2  races til Richmond, they should be okay to make the Chase, although I don't think they're mathematically locked in just yet.  Last week's struggles at Michigan didn't help, although they somehow dug out a 17th place finish after a miserable day of being non-stop loose.  They're starting in the back of the field this week at Bristol, which could make for another long evening. 


2 thoughts on “Because that’s just how things go

  1. Jenn says:

    I almost left you a comment (or maybe I did? Damn short memory) saying that the other sleeves would show up as soon as you got the yarn for new sleeves. Oh well, maybe you’ll wake up some morning with an extra arm that grew overnight.

  2. Kim says:

    Seriously — what IS with them and Bristol??

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