Where to begin…

I've been trying to figure out the best, most-entertaining way to talk about my recent vacation to Australia and I'm just not sure there is one.

Three weeks ago, Holly and I set out on our Australian vacation.  We divvied up 17 days between Sydney, Adelaide and Hobart and lived to tell the tale.  First impressions?  Too long in Sydney, not long enough in Adelaide and Hobart suffered because it was last on the list.

I didn’t love Sydney quite as much as I hoped I would.  I mean, it’s absolutely beautiful, but I had a tough time shaking the feeling I was in any other large, metropolitan city unless I happened to be staring at the Harbor Bridge or the Opera House at the time.  Which I did.  A lot.   Holly got a little fed up with the number of pictures I took, but I know my photography skills (or lack thereof) well enough to know that it would take hundreds of shots to find one I liked (I’m still looking).


View from the ferry

I did climb the bridge as I intended.   Wow.  While I understand WHY I couldn’t take a camera up on the bridge, I still regret it.  There was such an incredible view of the harbor and Sydney in general.  It was extremely windy the day of my climb, but I was so well latched in, safety was never really a concern.  I do have to admit, my butt and calves paid the price for the hike the following day.  Of course, that was the day we decided to explore the Royal Botanic Gardens, so I was well and truly pooped by the end of the day.  Unfortunately, that meant no meeting up with the local running club, which I remain a little bummed about.



We hit two of the beaches – Bondi & Manly – on different days, both of them beautiful.  Surfers dotted the waves in both inlets but, of course, I didn’t manage to get good pictures.  Hopefully H had a bit more luck.  My last big side trip in Sydney was a field trip I took on Sunday to the Blue Mountains.  There were minor transportation issues, but they were quickly resolved and I found myself in Katoomba.  After wrestling briefly when my conscience, I ended up taking yet another hop-on, hop-off tour, which I decided was the way to go with the limited time I had available.  I’m glad I did, otherwise I likely wouldn’t have seen as much as I did.  The highlight was probably the bushwalk I took from Honeymoon Lookout to Echo Point.  Photos – at least mine – can’t do justice to the beautiful scenery.


The Three Sisters

Neither of the knitting projects that went on the vacation came even CLOSE to completion.  I'm halfway through the foot of my first Thelonious sock and maybe 18" into my Lace Ribbon scarf.  I'll try to take pictures in the coming days.  And write up Adelaide and Hobart.  And post more pictures.  And…

6 thoughts on “Where to begin…

  1. ann says:

    Welcome back! looking forward to seeing more pics and hearing about all your adventures!

  2. Mel says:

    niiiice pictures! I have very similar pics of the bridge from the ferry, and the three sisters. Glad you had fun!

  3. mai says:

    wow, those blue mountains are gorgeous! welcome back!

  4. Pamela says:

    More pictures!!

  5. Mia says:

    That is why you have a cheap camera with you to take up on the bridge. And sadly anymore, most big cities all feel alike. But you can say you have been there.

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