One of the four packages I'm expecting this week has arrived, and technically it's not even for me!  I decided to try to make cowls for my ma and grandma and so off I went.  Hopefully this yummy Organik will do the trick.  I went with Blue Stone and Forest – they'll more or less be opening them simultaneously so they'll be able to switch colors if they so desire.  Of course, here's hoping I can pull off the Crofter's Cowls to do the yarn and my family justice.

That's the only holiday knitting that I'm planning on doing this year.  I'd like to eventually make a Cobblestone for my dad, but that may end up being for his birthday in April or, more likely, next Christmas.  We shall see.

In other non-photographed knitting news, I dug out all the pieces to my Minimalist Cardigan and finished the last bits of knitting and now she just needs a bath and blocking.  Question for my tiny corner of the blogosphere: is it worth it to block superwash (bamboo) or will it not make any difference?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Well, maybe just one mind.


I'm all kinds'a off on my days, no?  Sunday, the boys came in a respectable 10th at 'dega.  Given the Big One #1 & #2, finishing on the lead lap in the top 10 was a major accomplishment.   The guys must've been working overtime to break the tension because all I did was laugh at the scanner chatter when I wasn't watching the race through my fingers:

Just after the cars start rolling at the beginning of the race:
Jimmie: “Every d@mn fan in the stands has a beer in their hand.  I think even the kids.  That’s not probably right, is it?”
Chad: “Don’t be jealous.”

After some radio trouble, Jimmie asks for Chad to test it again
Chad: “Test test test test Jimmie is a loser test test test test unibrow test test”
Jimmie: “10-4, enough of that shit”

Chad & Jimmie discussing strategy after the second "Big One":
Jimmie: “…I’ve about used up all my good luck for one day.  There’s something in me just saying be smart here cause that horseshoe’s about to fall out.”
Chad: “Clench”

Okay, maybe I'm the only one who finds it amusing.  Well, I know you do, Steph.  You may not admit it, but you do.  😉


3 thoughts on “*squish*

  1. Kim says:

    This is another thing people don’t know/don’t appreciate about NASCAR. Some of these guys are really funny!

  2. mai says:

    hmm even if it is superwash, i think that bamboo tends to grow a lot during blocking. i’m not sure if that means you should block or should not block, so i’m no help at all 🙂

  3. Stephenie Liu says:

    hey! stop watching me read your blog. that was NOT a chuckle at the radio testing part…
    i am making a superwash scarf for miranda and have no intention of blocking it, because it’s not like she is going to when she washes it. question: i still have to air-dry it right? no dryer?

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